The Check Point Republik (CPR)


A group of artists created to answer the problem of borders,

the CPR is a fake republic delimited where the borders exist.

Intangible, she is still constituted of citizens you are welcomed

to be a part of for a series of performances. They will form

a big exhibition in Marseille during two weeks.

The goal of these performances is to start a reflection

in the spectator's mind about their relationship to physical

and psychic boders. They will be concepted and realized

by committed artists sensible to that thematic like

Annette Messager, Joseph Schulz, JR or Leonard Combier.

The style guideline of the Check Point Republik is a parody

of communist propagandas.

By using their visual codes and replacing their emblems like the hammer and sickle, le laurel and the wheat, by a bolt cutter

and broken barbed wires, I managed to change the meaning

of these symbols and gave a first personnal answer

to the CPR's problem.

The citizen kit is a bag given to the spectators that accept

to become a citizen of the CPR.

It contains a CPR t-shirt, an eco-cup to enjoy the drinks available during the events without polluting the city with wastes, a map to locate the events with their dates and a short description

and finally the key element to be a real citizen :

the passport of the Check Point Republik.

Each event has its own poster and also a stamp.

The staff will be able to stamp your passport to validate the access to some exclusive performances or just mark your passing to all the other public performances.


 To your passports citizens !

If the project is well welcomed it will become a yearly event

with new stamps to decorate your passport!

Marie Caron


Graphic Designer - Paris, France