The Imaginary Sports Festival


This project aims at promoting a festival that pay tribute

to the imaginary sports from books, mangas, movies, etc...

that we love, throw a printed posters campaign.

We will mention the Quidditch from Harry Potter

or the Motorball from Gunnm. There, their inventors and/or athletes will hold a lecture, while it will be possible

to try a IRL version of the approached sports.


Sport doesn't stop at the limits of reality.

My approach to the topic is based of a meeting between

the concepts of utopia, transformation

and realization.


The digital visual is aimed to refere to video games

while the photography and the typeface are meant to keep

a link with reality. The neon rainbow colors are there

to include the concept of dream and fantasy.

The flying abstract forms in the background are

deformation of the original photo, they convey the idea

that fantasy is also based on reality and that those two notions

are not incompatible.


A little jump in the imaginary sports world :

Marie Caron


Graphic Designer - Paris, France