The Roomate 6


The Roomate 6 is a short film that bloomed

in the outcome of a workshop led by Edwin Bonaffé

co-funder of the NDA-Paris communication agency.

The workshop was called "Fake Movie" and consisted in creating

the teaser of a movie we would invent ourselves.


Project in collaboration with Clara Petiteau and Julie de la Rocq.

The story evolves around the runaway of Anna

that took her backpack for a new start and arrives in a new city

by finding a roommate on internet.

(The intentionnal mistake in the tittle "Roomate" was to show

the original aim of creating a parody)


The graphic style of the movie was inspired by the old horror movies of the 60's and by the light effects of more recent movies like Comet (2014) and Neon Demon (2016).

Marie Caron


Graphic Designer - Paris, France