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During the summer of 2023 as I was working once again for BETC Paris I took over Damien Binello's (AD) on going subjects while he was on holidays. One of his main clients was Dassault Systèmes for which he was developing not one but two complex campaigns. A generic one in which we would collab with 3D artists and a web designer, and the Emma Twin campaign, that you will see here, for which we would collab with 3D animators.


What was my role?

As an Art Director, during Damien's absence, I would be in charge of supervising
the different artists/ collaborators we were working with, making sure to respect and bring to life Damien's vision for the campaign, while assuring the quality of the work provided.
I would also work on social media posts, elaborate a brief and deliver them to the artists
as well as giving feedbacks until the final product was to client's satisfaction.


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